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    Pro-Mite Termite

  • Who We Are

    Pro-Mite is a family owned and operated business specializing in termite treatments, and wood repairs.

    Your home is your best investment

    Let us help you protect it.


    Our inspectors will find any signs of infestation, discuss treatments that will be a solution, and provide you with options that best fit your budget.

  • What We Do

    Pro-Mite offers free termite inspections, termite treatments, service control policies and wood repairs. Once an inspection is completed you will receive a report with an itemized breakdown of the cost per item.


    Once you decide to move ahead with the work we will set up a date and set you up with all necessary paperwork and supplies as needed.


    We allow payments through checks, credit cards and escrow payments.



  • Warranties

    Termite Treatments/Repairs

    Termite Treatments/Repairs are good for 1 year at the areas treated/repaired.


    Fumigations are warrantied for 2 years of the fumigation date.

  • FAQs

    Q: I am selling my home, why do I need a termite inspection?

    A: Many lenders require it so that they can be sure there are no active infestations in the home before financing the property. As a buyer you would want to verify that the home doesn't have an active infestation.

    Q: What does the inspector look for during a termite inspection?

    A: During the inspection, we will be looking for active infestations of drywood and/or subterranean termites and additional findings might include fungus, dry rot, cellulose debris, water damage, earth to wood contact and plumbing leaks.

    Q: How long should the inspection take?

    A: It should take no more than one hour. Bigger houses will add time.

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    Email or call for your free inspection

    P.O. Box 9552, Anaheim CA 92812
    Monday -Friday 9:00am -5:00pm
  • Termidor

    Termidor is a professionally applied termite defense product that is undetectable to drywood and subterranean termites. Since its introduction, over 4 million homes have been protected with Termidor, making it America’s #1 termite defense product.


    Bora-Care is a powerful, effective preventative termite treatment.